Install – Beach Cam at Hampton Beach

Two members of the Network Department had the opportunity to spend some time in the sun last Friday installing a new security camera at the band shell of Hampton Beach State Park.

There were two major issues with the former device. The older camera performed a pan/tilt/zoom tour of the area, then rested (not to the delight of people logged in to view the beach) for 10 minutes before another tour. Additionally, because of the required pause the site manager was unable to log into the camera and manually move and focus the camera in the case of an emergency.

The new camera will allow for a continuous tour of the area, and the site manager will be able to log in and control the camera if required by any emergency. Also, the new camera has a custom-made enclosure specifically designed for the Atlantic shore environment. The new plastic enclosure will resist salt corrosion, and it is equipped with a heater and de-fogger to clear condensation and thaw frost from the view port.

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