Understanding the IP Rating

It’s no surprise that today’s two-way radios contain complex, delicate electronics that can be damaged by the environment in which you may work. The radio’s IP rating will help you decide which radio is the right one for your work environment.

IP stands for Ingress Protection or International Protection. An IP rating, then, relates to an international standard relating to how well a radio is protected from dust and moisture. These rating standards have been agreed to internationally to help end users choose the most suitable two-way radio for their business needs.

The first IP digit ranks protection against solids (i.e. dust) and range from 1 to 6 which means the higher the ranking, the smaller the particles that can get into the radio.

The second IP digit represents protection against moisture (referred to as “liquid ingress”). The range is from 1 to 8; a 1 rating mean a radio is protected from vertical dripping water. A rating of 8 indicates protection against immersion beyond 3 feet. The most common rating is 7 which indicates your radio is protected in up to 1 meter of water.

On Motorola Radio Feature charts, the IP Rating can be found near the top; it’s very easy to locate. As example, the XPR 3000e series radios are rated IP67, the XPR 7000 series IP68, and the SL series are rated IP54.

The chart below has the complete details. Give us a call (800-441-6288) if you have any questions.


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