Why MotoTRBO

As technology improves, so does the capacity and quality of radio communications. Professional radios allow employees and management be more efficient, productive, and safe across industry verticals. The professional radio’s advanced digital technology provide real-time voice and data communications along with a host of data applications. Motorola’s MotoTRBO digital radios, from ultra-light portables to extra-tough mobiles, help you get the job done right, done efficiently, and done safely.

Features of these radios include crystal clear audio, easy-to-read displays, integrated Bluetooth, and integrated wi-fi. From the CPd and CMd series to the SL700E, these high-performance radios are safety-focused, productivity-enhancing, and every day rugged. Each model radio has been developed by Motorola with a specific user in mind:

CPd and  CMd series are rugged and simple, designed for the everyday user who needs to stay connected.

SL300 radios are slim and portable, designed for the customer service user who wants intuitive technology.

XPR™ 3000e and  XPR™ 2500 series offer a perfect balance for the busy worker who needs effective communications.

XPR™ 7000e and XPR™ 5000e series offer total connectivity for the skilled professional who refuses to compromise.

SL 7000e series radios are sleek and smart, just right for the business manager who needs complete control.

For more information regarding which radio would be the best for your organization, visit our Products.

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