MotoTRBO Applications


Enhancing MotoTRBO Radios with Voice & Data Applications

Just like smartphones, people want more from their two-way radios. Voice & data applications deliver added value by improving productivity, enhancing employee safety, and helping reduce response times. Using existing facility communication networks and integrating with existing building infrastructure, these solutions are cost-effective, scalable, easy to install and very easy to use.

Voice and data applications enhance MOTOTRBO™ radios with additional features like telephone interconnect, dispatch consoles, radio recording, alarm management, and lone worker monitoring. All applications can run simultaneously on one radio or be used individually.

Teldio has created a suite of applications specifically for MotoTRBO systems. Applications allow you to make and receive phone calls on your MOTOTRBO™ radio, detect if a worker has suffered a fall, engage GPS Monitoring, and more.

For more information visit our MotoTRBO Applications page.+


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