Not Just Any Battery

No surprise, but it should be said: Your two-way radio is only as good as the battery that powers it.

So what makes Motorola IMPRES™ batteries the best choice?

Motorola IMPRES™ two-way radio batteries have been tested with Motorola two-way radios in real-world conditions. The results are impressive:

 IMPRES™ batteries can be charged 150 times more and last 43% longer than standard    non-IMPRES batteries(stock fewer spares !). impress-charger

IMPRES™ batteries combined with IMPRES™ chargers provide a range of advanced features including adaptive reconditioning and end-of-life display, allowing recovery from abusive operation and improper charging (optimized battery cycle life!).

 IMPRES™ Battery Management allows the users to monitor and manage battery health in real time.

Motorola Solutions IMPRES™ batteries come in a variety of mAh capacities (from 1400mAh to 2750mAh) and chemistry (NiCd, NiMH and Li-Ion), and most are all operational in temperatures as low as -10 °C and as high as + 60 °C.

Every Motorola battery is designed and manufactured to meet Motorola’s demanding
standards. Here’s what makes up their anatomy (and why they are so tough!): impres-battery

Premium Cells: Which provide higher capacity, longer cycle life and a wider temperature
range (from as low as -30°C to as high as 60°C).

Flexible Copper Circuitry: Circuit boards and other more reliable means to make
electrical connections between components are used in IMPRES™ batteries. So, when the radio gets dropped, the battery can tolerate higher levels of impact force.

Shock- Absorbing Padding: Shock-absorbing materials protect
the cell pack and circuitry. By dampening shock and vibration inside the battery, the effects of sudden impacts are reduced.

Durable Polycarbonate Plastic: Polycarbonate plastic is used for optimal protection and
performance. Battery housings are strong, robust and designed to “bend and flex” when dropped.

Reach out to your account manager for more information or to place an order. Visit our website to see the selection available.

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