A Strategy For Radio Technology Upgrades

Regardless of the why (It’s a new year; we got a grant; the budget finally allows it …) there are times when we can make changes to our technology. Even if the sky is not the limit, we get to look at our infrastructure with renewed perspective and make positive, cost-effective changes.
If your renewed perspective is being focused on your 2-way radio fleet, these items are worth considering to help you make the best choice for your organization:
Accessories – Whether it’s one earpiece, or an antenna for every two way radio in your business, the cost, quality, and variety ofaccessories will impact your decision. Motorola’s accessories include a wide range of batteries, extra chargers, earpieces, belt clips, speaker mics and everything in between that you might need for your two way radio.
Analog to Digital – You might still have analog radios, or perhaps you have the type of Motorola radio that has the ability to transition from analog to digital. Regardless, the switch to digital may mean a significant improvement in your radio fleet operation (longer battery life, greater range, noise cancellation capabilities, a wide range of applications) and so should be factored into your consideration.
Company Expansions – An increase in location, employees, or physical space may prompt the need for additional products or newer, more capable radios for your two-way fleet. Company expansions are exciting times, and can be easy and rewarding with a bit of preplanning.
Old Equipment  – Eventually wear and tear has an effect. Is this a problem you have? What percentage of your fleet falls into is beyond effective cost repair? MotoTRBO radios are expected to last up to seven years. Would MotoTRBO be a good addition for you?                      
Promotions – Motorola provides quarterly promotions which provide a number of incentives worth checking out. With the right promotion you might find the extra funds you need for your purchase. For more, visit here.
Upcoming Projects – What projects are on the books for this year that require high level communication tools to be in place for your team? Regardless of the venue, two way radios come in an array of options providing functionality in an array of environments – indoor, outdoor, urban, rural and large or small spaces. Which would be right for you?
Now may not be the time for an organizational technology upgrade. When the time does come, regardless of the size of the change, 2-Way Communications can help you with the improvements you want for your organization. Review our product offerings, then give us a call (800-441-6288). It only takes a two minute phone call to get the process started.

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