Improving Business Security

cyber-crimeI recently read the article “5 Ways to Improve Security of Your Business before a Breach” by A. Adetilewa in the Huffinton Post and thought the information worth sharing. With the rise of cyber crime, and international attacks against US businesses, it only makes sense to cover all the bases to keep your organization safe. Most attractive concerning the steps involved – being proactive and not reactive. No sense in closing the barn door after … you know. You can read the original article here.

The steps to take, as mentioned in the article, are:

1.    Enforce Secure Password Practices
2.    Look for Your Weakest Ares – Then Shore Them Up
3.    Create Protocols Beforehand to Handle Crises
4.    Cover the Basics – Firewalls, Anti-Virus Software, and More
5.    Keep Things Patched – Updates, Patches for All Your Applications

Yes, it’s not easy, and it is time consuming. If the task isn’t completed, though, imagine the heartache that an actual breach would cause.
If you feel these practices are right for your organization, but lack the IT expertise, or would just like a second set of eyes to review your security posture, give the Network Division at 2-Way Communications a call (603-431-6288). They’re a top-notch staff of people who truly care about your success , will fully invest in understanding how the technology allows you to do your job, how to keep you secure, and then make it happen!

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