First Visit to Rice Library




Carl, Chris, and Robert went over to Rice Library in Kittery this morning for the initial visit of a new ongoing maintenance contract. The Network Department had been contacted by the library to resolve various issues that had built up over time. The library had been referenced to the network division of 2-Way Communications Service by Kittery’s Town Manager, a long-time customer of the company.

The guys took care of 5 virus infected laptops, aligned 2 others with local printers, replaced the battery in another two, and installed remote management software in 25 computers in the two buildings used by the library.

Carl said overall the visit was very successful and the library staff was very happy to have all their issues resolved. Lyle, departmental manager, currently in BoothBay to meet with customers regarding their network design, was unavailable for comment.

If you need help with your network for any reason, our team in the Network Division will be happy to discuss your concerns and propose an answer. Give them a call (603-431-6288) or send an email to


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