York PD Dispatch Console


Jamie has been putting in a good amount of time staging the new York PD dispatch console in the Communications Division Lab. The new system will replace a still functional but aging system that lacks some of the features the town wants. It is a two-station IP based system that can support the communication needs of the town’s Public Safety, Village Fire, Parks & Rec, and the remainder of the Town’s Departments.

The process has been time consuming. Each component of the system arrived separately. The racks were built, the components mounted, wired together, then configured … all to Motorola standards.  After several rounds of testing Jamie says all is looking good, and that there’s about another 40 hours of work required before the system can be broken down, delivered, and reassembled in York.

A quick count of what was on the racks: (2) PCs; (2) controllers; jamie(1) server; (7) switches; (2) gateways; (9) Motorola XPR500e radios. Outside of the racks – the two dispatch stations and (6) Radio Gateway Units.

I asked Jamie where he had acquired the knowledge to complete such a mind-boggling (at least for me) task. He, and other techs, have spent several weeks at Motorola HQ training on this particular system. Additionally, Motorola mentors are available via phone as the need arises.

Recently Chief Bracy and LT Scamman visited the lab to review the work done to date. They were very impressed with the progress of the project and said they’re excited about the prospect of delivery.

Jamie slowed down enough so I could capture him on video. Take a look!

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