“Tech Support” Scam Calls


Initially a warning on your computer regarding PC security problems, these scams lead you to  “Microsoft Tech Support” through a toll-free number. You ought to know better than to call the number, and you probably do … but how about all the people at home, or your  employees hard at work while you’re away building your small business?

The “Tech Support” person leads you through what you might suspect – remote login, “checking ” your system, questions regarding history – then the pronouncement that the problem has been identified and it will cost only around $300 to fix … and if you agree, you’ve been scammed.

The article recently posted to WIRED by Andy Greenberg was interesting not only because of the description of the problem, but also for the details about the research conducted by the group at SUNY Stony Brook and its results. The bottom line:


For the full article, click here.

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