Whelen’s LINV-Series Lights

linsv2rI saw one of the shop’s finished vehicles sporting a number of these lights earlier this week, and decided to learn some more. As usual, Whelen is on top of their game …..

Whelen’s LINZ6™ light is a rugged exterior light that resists moisture and road shock while giving you “heads up” performance. The light features a sub-compact, full-featured LED light head with wide-angle light spread which can be mounted virtually anywhere. It requires only a minimal current draw and is designed for heavy-duty, vibration, moisture and corrosion resistance. The light is surface mounted with no external flasher, is easy to install and comes in solid colors have 25 Scan-Lock™ flash patterns and split colors have 69 Scan-Lock flash patterns, including steady-burn.lsvbkt34

The LINV2™ V-Series is a light head with 2-in-1 combination 180 degree SAE Class 1, wide-angle warning, and ground illumination (puddle light), both individually operated. The light is surface mounted, and comes with a black flange. Available in Amber, Red, Blue, and White, the warning segment has twenty-five Scan-Lock™ flash patterns including fourteen synchronizable patterns. Additionally, this light comes with a five year warranty.

Watch this Whelen WeVision production on the LIN V-Series:

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