Whelen Pride

FB_Cover_Jan2017“Whelen products are manufactured in America by over 1,500 workers who take great pride in the work that they do to keep people safe. They’re serious about the trust placed in them by those who use Whelen products every day when lives are on the line.”

This is how Whelen Engineering represents itself to the world via it’s YouTube channel. And that resonates very well with the people at 2-Way Communications. You don’t get to be a third-generation family-run business competing in a market space against national heavy-hitters unless you do things the right way, the best way, each and every time.

The guys at Fleet Division have many years of experience in mobile electronics installation and graphics and more … and they train and cross train and help each other … because they know that the vehicles that leave the shop floor need to be right for the customers they serve. And it shows, literally … look behind a dash or under the hood and you can tell if it’s a 2-Way product by the quality of the work.

The folks at Whelen seem to be of a like mind. That’s why we use their products.

Take a look:


I you’d like to come tour the newly expanded shop, give Jim (x-1755) or Rick a call (x-1753) using (603) 431-6288.

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