Motorcycle Radios


Motorcycles and two-way radios … makes sense, right? Using a cell phone is almost completely out of the question – you have to stay in control of the bike even while sending and receiving, and some states require “hands-free” operation of vehicles. Whether you are talking with another motorcycle rider or trying to communicate with a base station, two-way radios offer the perfect solution. Today’s digital radios are feature-rich, providing great benefit to the two-wheeler. Here are 4 features you should consider before buying in order to get the most out of your radio.

Headset Support

A two-way radio with quality headset support available will help you communicate with ease. Headsets come in numerous styles with a range of functions. It is worth taking the time to find one that works well while out on the road, protecting you and your team’s safety. It will also ensure you can communicate hands-free at any time.

Radio Range

Two-way radio range becomes more important when you are using radios to communicate between motorcycles. Motorcycles are usually used to travel a good distance which means you are going to need a radio system having a similar range. Also, if you are communicating between other bike riders you will need a greater distance of range under some circumstances.

Battery Life

Your battery must last at least a shift, or 8 hours … if your battery is short-lived it’s going to be difficult to rely on your radio throughout your travels. Motorcycles don’t typically come with power outlets meaning it’s impossible to charge your radio on the go. Check out earlier blog articles about quality Motorola batteries.

 Water & Dust Proof

Two-way radios used on motorcycles may be exposed to harsh elements. Having a two-way radio that is manufactured to IP standards is crucial. If not you might end up with a fully charged radio that is unusable because of exposure to dust or water. Which IP standard is right for you? Check out an earlier blog article for details about IP ratings.
If you’d like to learn more, please don’t hesitate to contact our sales team ( With years of experience, and a strong desire to develop a long-term partnership, you’ll get the information you need to help make a great choice for your organization.

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