WAVE Work Group Communications


On Facebook the other day I shared a Motorola video on their WAVE technology. Incredibly cool  … push-to-talk (PTT) on any device, anywhere … here’s a brief overview of the technology.
This Motorola technology provides unified communications between your devices and networks, anywhere, anytime. By connecting your different networks to WAVE’s PPT platform, you can communicate between smartphones, radios, computers, and landlines.
The system allows you to leverage broadband, integrate networks, and use any device. This means you can now bring secure PTT to the smart devices your organization’s members are already using while connecting radio systems together for real-time coordination and better response. Your team members will be able to freely communicate on the device that suits them best, from virtually any location.
Motorola’s Broadband LTE solutions give you the ability to make the most of the data-rich, real-time information available through broadband LTE networks, smart applications, and intuitive devices. The result is anywhere, anytime access to multimedia information with the priority and security your organization needs.
The broadband PTT solution allows your organization to connect radio, cellular, WiFi, telephony, and more so that team members can communicate between these networks. Interoperability with broadband networks will keep your personnel connected despite the world’s rapidly changing communications environment.
Finally, Motorola’s WAVE Web Communicator enables PTT capabilities on any (that’s any) device via a web browser.
If you’d like more information about the technology, or how it can be applied to your organization, give the Communications Division Sales Team a call at (603) 431-6288.

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