CanTrol WC by Whelen Engineering


WhelenMonday’s shared video showed a cruiser using a Whelen light and siren controller that produced really eye-catching results. Here’s a 30,000 foot overview of that system.

Whelen Engineering’s CanTrol  WC  allows for integration and control of vehicle light and siren systems. With CanTrol users can create highly noticeable unified warnings by incorporating every light and siren on a cruiser into custom program configurations. Applications of CanTrol WC include:

• Vehicle integration provides added capability to lights and sirens such as:

• program and control all the lighting

• traffic arrows and siren function in you a vehicle

• flash pattern synchronization

• temperature monitor control

• radar and camera activation

• door or trunk opening


The abilities of CanTrol WC are limited only by the user’s imagination… Configuration is easy with a Windows® based computer program. A USB port allows for easy program transfer from a computer to the amplifier/control module.

Features of this system include:

• Full function amplifier/control module

• Supports one or two 100 watt speakers

• Programmable for Hands-Free operation

• 161 synchronizable, variable-phase

• programmable flash pattern

• Five-year warranty

To find out more about this Whelen Engineering product, and to discuss incorporating it into your next new vehicle build, give 2-Way’s Fleet Division a call at (603) 431-6288.


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