Vehicle Graphics


Emergency and law enforcement vehicles need to be seen, especially at night. At the same time, all organizations need a cost-effective way to show a professional image on their units.

2-Way’s Fleet Division understands that your vehicle needs to be seen. They use high-quality custom graphics for higher visibility, enhancing side of the road safety. Also, during upfitting graphics are much more cost-effective than a paint job. And when a vehicle is retired, the graphics are peeled off, saving the cost of another trip to the painter.IMG_3004

In addition to reflective and organizational identity graphics, the Fleet Division can wrap all or part of a vehicle. A wrap is a large vinyl graphic or decal which is applied directly over the original paint job on a vehicle. Using a wrap, a unit’s appearance is changed almost instantaneously, allowing, as example, an all-black sedan to have the appearance of a more traditional black-and-white with wrapped doors and roof.

Ghost graphics (for a change from influencing behavior to actually catching speeders) is another type of graphics available from Fleet. No magic here … simply using white reflective vinyl graphics on white patrol cars, black on black. The reflective portion of the wrap remains unseen until lit up by the guy doing 80 in a 45 mph zone …IMG_3005

2-Way’s Fleet Division is your one-stop-shop for vinyl, reflective, and ghost graphics. On the commercial side they do plow truck lettering, landscape truck lettering, construction truck lettering … you get the idea. For more information, or to get your next project started give Rick or Jim a shout (603-431-6288) or email them at

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