Remote Managed Service


Maybe it’s the sometimes rude, hard-to-understand IT support guy. Maybe it’s the variable costs associated with a break-fix support model. Maybe your IT guy closed his doors and just disappeared.

Working with local Seacoast companies and town offices, we understand your day-to-day operations provide enough of a challenge. You don’t have time to deal with these scenarios. We can help – our customers spend more time on core business and 20 – 45% less on IT costs.


A managed services provider (MSP) offers management and support of IT network-based services, applications and equipment. A reliable MSP allows business owners and employees to focus on their core functions and not spend valuable time trying to learn enough to take the place of an IT professional.

The Network Division of 2-Way Communications Service provides proactive IT managed services using a remote monitoring and management (RMM) system. This platform allows us to continually monitor the health and performance of your IT network—without any kind of disruption to your employees’ activities.


Our robust RMM platform supports early detection and remediation of issues before they cause downtime or data loss. We will also generate regular reports that provide insight into your IT system, including the business value and services being received, which will help you plan and budget for future IT expenses.

Remote monitoring and management works because an RMM tool conducts oversight of your network and IT assets 24/7. When necessary the RMM tool alerts your MSP to a potential issue or an issue about to occur; a centralized dashboard allows for remote diagnosis and remediation of the issue by the appropriate technician—without disruption to your business flow!

You can trust us to deliver the level of managed services your business needs to ensure a stable and secure IT environment. Our proactive services model will eliminate business disruptions and give you peace of mind knowing that your networks are always secure and operational with no surprises or unexpected expenses.

Is it time to get back to business and let an experienced team take care of your IT? Call the Network Division at 2-Way Communications Services (800-441-6288 x 1746) or send an email to .  They’ll help you develop, implement, and execute a plan that best fits your company’s needs.


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