Subscriber Preventative Maintenance Program


2-Way’s Subscriber Preventative Maintenance Program (SPMP) provides annual preventative maintenance as well as ongoing asset management and tracking for an organization’s mobile and portable radios. 

The development of a regular, reoccurring maintenance program means the customer enjoys proper radio performance; is assured of operational compliance; and realizes increased service life. The preventative maintenance optimizes performance and improves ROI. The subscriber database allows for rapid subscriber identification, reassignment, and individual unit reprogramming as required throughout the year. 

The SPMP program is made up of three principal parts, Subscriber Tracking, Annual Preventative Maintenance and Ongoing Support.

Subscriber Tracking provides a detailed database of all subscriber assets, which includes in part:

  • Equipment Make
  • Model Number
  • Serial Number
  • P25 digital ID
  • Codeplug File Name
  • Last Serviced Date

The annual preventative maintenance provides a comprehensive assessment of the subscriber condition, performance and compliance.  Results of the PM checks are recorded for each subscriber and will be provided to the customer upon completion. PM checks include but are not limited to:

  • Transceiver compliance check
  • Operational check of buttons/switches
  • Clean control surfaces and accessory contacts
  • Antenna sweep and physical check/cleaning

The data collected by this program, provides a convenient means of ongoing support at no cost to the participating agency.  Ongoing support includes services such as:

  • Individual PM checks
  • Minor programming changes
  • Unlimited frequency updates

For additional information about the Subscriber Preventative Maintenance Program, give 2-Way Communications a call at (603) 431-6288.

John spent a day at Portsmouth Fire Department not too long ago, processing all the department’s mobiles and portables through the SPMP. While he was onsite, he took a couple of minutes to go more in depth about the program. Take a look!

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