It’s pretty simple.We’re a Motorola radio shop, and have been for over 60 years. We help people communicate. Fireman to Chief, Patrolman to Sergeant, Playground to the Front Office. The list is long … multiple customers in multiple industries. Our goal is 100% clear communication with whoever you need on the other end of a radio link, all the time. Our heritage drives our goals.

You get the gear you need, installed and serviced by a team of talented technicians. A system for a school, a new squad car or fire truck, a county-level dispatch center. Along the way (since 1954) we’ve developed not only our radio expertise, but vehicle upfitting and networking skills as well. So you get your new SUV or dump truck or squad car changed into something road-ready, from the tires to the top of the light bar. Or a custom designed, expertly installed wireless network or surveillance system which is kept healthy, remotely. There’s more we can do …
With 2-Way, you’re in good hands. We have enough training certificates earned by our technicians that we don’t have to buy wall paper any longer. The results of their efforts lies at the intersection of technology and art. For us, its a craft, not just another job. It’s the way we present ourselves, and our customers learn to identify our work at a single glance simply by its quality. At the core of the business is William Bartlett, third generation owner. True to his Grandfather’s legacy, and driven to develop an ethical, trustworthy business, Bill has grown a 5 person Mom and Dad shop into a peerless sales and service organization of thirty employees
If you need to improve site safety and efficiency, increase security for your school, improve your guest’s experience, or accelerate response time and improve decision making, we’re here for you. Just tell us what we need to do to help.

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