CHaD Battle of the Badges


One of the Spring events that always attracts attention around here is the CHaD Battle of the Badges …. Some of us have children, some of us like to spend time on the ice, some of us are firemen. This year the stakes are a bit higher than normal … who will get bragging rights for winning a milestone event – the 10th competition?

If you’re new to New Hampshire, the CHaD Battle of the Badges hockey game benefits the children and their families that are in need of services from the Chilchad02dren’s Hospital of
Dartmouth (CHaD). It is a contest of skills on ice between NH Police and NH Firefighters from across the state. All money raised through the CHaD Battle of the Badges goes to support the programs and patients of CHaD.

This year the Battle is being held on March 19th from 3 to 8 PM at the SNHU Arena on Elm Street in Manchester. It will be, as always, an energetic and fun-to-watch event for the family. 2-Way Communication Services has regularly supported CHaD in the past via this super-fun springtime event, and we hope you’ll consider doing so as well.

Samaritans, Inc. and the Boston Marathon


My Dad was a marathoner. He ran the New York City marathon, the Boston Marathon, the DC marathon. Started running after he retired at the age of 55 (yeah, it was that long ago).  I ran too, for a while. Four miles every day, rain, snow, or shine, in formation, shouting the favorite cadence of Staff Sergeant Eason …. which will not be repeated here because I enjoy being employed.

Having run a bit myself I asked my Dad a few times “Why?”. He said he liked being fit, making new friends, pushing himself out of his comfort zone, and the sense of accomplishment. After he joined a running group, he added another – raising money and awareness for a charity. His group had decided to use the inspiration and motivation of helping others to help get through the 26.2 miles. Also, Dad said with a grin, it’s difficult to quit when someone else has donated on your behalf.

One of the officers we know, Police Detective Mike White of Salem, NH will be running for a charity in this year’s Boston Marathon, too. It’s his first marathon, and he’s running for Samaritans, Inc., a non-profit suicide prevention organization. Mike is also running in the memory of his brother Shawn, who his family lost to suicide in November of 2015. Shawn was a long-distance runner himself, having qualified for the Boston marathon twice. You can review Mike’s story here: Mike’s Story

Samaritans, Inc. is a national-level non-denominational, not-for-profit volunteer organization dedicated to reducing the incidence of suicide by befriending individuals in crisis and educating the community about effective prevention strategies. Samaritans, Inc. serves more than 100,000 people each year. You can find more information about this group here: Samaritans, Inc.

2-Way Communications Service is proud to sponsor Mike for this year’s Boston Marathon. We think Samaritans Inc. provides an invaluable service not only to the individual, but to families and the community. We hope you consider giving Mike and the Samaritans your support as well.

The LT Christopher DeWolf Memorial Scholarship Fund

The LT Christopher DeWolf Memorial Scholarship Fund was established to honor a Newington firefighter who lost his life in a line of duty fatality. It provides an award to selected graduates of a New Hampshire or Maine High School who enroll in an accredited Fire Science or Paramedic college or university degree program. The Fund have an event coming up shortly that looks to be a lot of fun … golfing in the snow!

pitchChumley’s Frozen Pitch and Putt is an annual fundraiser event held to support the Scholarship Fund. This year the event will be held on Saturday, March 4th between the hours of 10am-3pm. It is an all ages event designed to celebrate and honor Chumley’s contagious fun nature and love of family. More information may be found on the Fund’s Facebook page ( If you have the chance, go!

2-way Communications Service is proud to support The LT Christopher DeWolf Memorial Scholarship Fund. We believe education is one of the keys to a successful future for all of us, and highly value the contributions to the community from our local firefighters and EMS personnel. We hope you take the time to look over the Fund and consider giving it your support.

Lydia’s House of Hope

Travis, Mark, and Gordon spent a day at Lydia’s House of Hope in Somersworth this past Wednesday. The majority of the day was dedicated to getting Theresa’s office ready for her to move in. Travis and Mark also helped out with painting the front entrance, and Gordon spent time in what will eventually become a hydroponics room, where residents will grow vegetables for the kitchen and seedlings for sale. Everyone had an awesome day helping out!

Helping Lydia’s House of Hope

2-Way Communications is excited and proud to announce our support of Lydia’s House of Hope, a transitional housing facility that is part of Seeds of Faith, Inc. Seeds of Faith is a non-profit dedicated to meeting the needs of homeless and low-income people in the Greater Seacoast area.

Lydia’s House of Hope helps families combat homelessness and generational poverty. During a year-long residence, women and women-headed homeless families are taught integral life skills, laying the groundwork for independent living. The core concepts of accountability, responsibility, and industry are the message.

Lydia’s House is a multi-story building with different sections in varying states of repair. Three volunteer 2-Way Communications employees will be on site every month for a full day, working on projects assigned by Director Theresa Tozier. In January, the crew will be installing a learning center with four computer stations immediately behind the first-floor kitchen. What a deal! Creating a place for learning and developing computer and internet savvy all while being within a few feet of fresh, homemade cookies!

Learn more about Lydia’s House of Hope.

Shout Out – On Belay


Medical issues strike every family, and cancer certainly impacts every member. Fortunately for local children, there’s an organization that understands they benefit from support during a very difficult time.

On Belay believes children who are in a family threatened by cancer are at risk. They are at risk socially, developmentally, academically, and emotionally. The programs at On Belay allow children to join and build a community among other youth who have or have had a family member with cancer through adventure based programs that encourage participants to uncover their inner resilience.

Such a great idea – play games, have fun, learn to climb and to belay, while in a supportive and caring environment during such a tough time. Best of all,  participants can return to as many programs as they wish. They are never turned away because of a change in their family member’s treatment.

Our company supports the work of On Belay throughout the year because of the value  and support they provide to the children of New Hampshire. If you’d like more information about this wonderful organization, you’ll find them online here: On Belay.