Whelen Engineering – Vertex Lights

When it comes to making sure you stay visible – daytime or night time – working in the rain, plowing … you get the idea … Whelen products can’t be beat.

Whelen’s Vertex Series are available in single color or split color and they offer three different optical light output models to direct light anywhere it’s needed. These small Super-LED® lightheads install easily with a 1″ hole and utilize an in-line lamp driver. The lamp and in-line lamp driver are fully encapsulated for moisture and vibration resistance, and each light mounts vertically or horizontally via two screws. There’s more, to include a five year warranty. Check out the website (2-Way Communications Service) for more information, or call Jim at (603) 431-6288 xtn 1755.







Snow Plow Amber

New Hampshire Statue RSA 266:78-h authorizes the use of amber colored warning lights … the statue doesn’t require them … but does authorize them for privately owned vehicles used for snow removal on or adjacent to ways.

So even if you don’t have to … for the sake of improved safety and the possibility of reduced liability and lower insurance, why not use them? And what amber should you use?

The majority of our customers keep it pretty simple. Whelen ION lights in the grill, and Whelen Vertex lights in the head lights and tail lights.

Whelen IONs are all compact, versatile and designed to be utilized in a multitude of applications with numerous mounting options. Model options include: the Universal ion_capriceLight; the T-Series (with Linear Super-LED technology and a sleek low profile design); the V Series Super-LED (which have been reengineered with linear optics); and the Wide Angle Series.


The Vertex Super-LED lights are either directional or omni-directional to place light vertex-tahoe-taillightanywhere it’s needed.  These lights provide 25 Scan-Lock patterns, are synchronizable to other Whelen synch products, are fully encapsulated for moisture and vibration resistance, and carry a five-year warranty.



How can Fleet help you get ready for what’s next for your organization? Give Fleet a call at 603-431-6288 x 1755 (that’s Jim), or send an email to FleetSolutions@2-way.biz.


Watch the WeVision ION video.

Watch the WeVision Vertex video.

Jim’s Showroom Project


Jim, as the Fleet Division Coordinator, doesn’t have a lot of spare time on his hands while he’s on the clock. Even so, he’s taken on a pretty cool project that’s going to (excuse me) really brighten up the showroom.

The project has been in the works (time allowing) for a few weeks after a conversation with Rick about making a display for the company’s commercial customers. Jim says the completion date is still TBD ’cause his “spare time” has been non-existent lately.

You can see from the image above what’s been completed so far. What’s coming next? Jim plans on adding more scene and off-road lighting, amber lightbars, and other light types with commercial and professional application. Though amber will be chosen for the display, red, blue, and white are available from our vendors as well.

The display is intended for our walk-in customers. Rick and Jim think for a lot of folks it’s easier to make a buying decision after being able to spend some hands-on time with a product. The idea is that once a customer checks out available lighting and makes a choice, they can grab one of whatever off the shelf and have it installed that day, getting back on the road in under an hour (in most cases).

When finished, customers will be able to test and select from Whelen, Strobe&More, and Rigid Industries lighting products.

(I personally think there ought to be at least one siren on the display … what’s the sense of having a flashing light without the sound you know goes along with it?)

We’ll keep track on Jim’s progress and left you know when it’s done!


Magnetic Mic


Our Fleet Coordinator says these mic clips do not stay on the shelves … everyone takes a look, realizes the benefit, and gets one for their vehicle. Here’s a quick look at this inspired-in-the-field device.
Magnetic Mic enhances safety by reducing distracted driving. Once installed it helps drivers stay focused on the road when picking up and returning a CB or police radio microphone to its holder.  The magnetic attraction between the mount and mic allows you to keep your eyes on the road. Magnetic Mic works with virtually all radio systems. It doesn’t matter if your radio system functions with an on-hook/ off-hook setting, switches to a private line or scans when hung up.
The Mic replaces your hang-up clip using a standard two-hole mount. It installs IMG_1918anywhere within the driver’s reach and is designed to work with all major microphone manufactures. According to the manufacturer, currently more than 30,000 radio operators in a wide range of industries (construction, public transportation, commercial trucking, police, fire, EMS and more) benefit from the use of this made-in-America product.
Visit the showroom or give us a call (800-441-6288) to learn more about this amazing product!

Bendpak Vehicle Lift


The Bendpack 4 post 9,000-pound vehicle lift arrived and was assembled in May, just a couple of months ago. Ryan and Craig took the lead on the assembly, and Jim and Bill lent a hand as well.

The lift was included as a part of the Fleet expansion (think new door, stockroom IMGP1478improvements … there’s more), and was included to increase the variety of services the company’s Fleet Division could provide to both professional organizations and commercial customers.

Uses of the lift so far include (but are not limited to): installing running lights on a police department’s Tahoe; inspecting and replacing a front bumper on a commercial vehicle; and a 1960’s Mustang exhaust system replacement.

IMGP1486Fleet Coordinator Jim says the lift is pretty awesome … it’ll get just about anything that will drive onto the shop floor up into the air, and it certainly makes a number of jobs … well, not fun … but much more manageable!

How can Fleet help you get ready for what’s next for your organization? Give Fleet a call at 603-431-6288 x 1755 (that’s Jim).



Vehicle Graphics


Emergency and law enforcement vehicles need to be seen, especially at night. At the same time, all organizations need a cost-effective way to show a professional image on their units.

2-Way’s Fleet Division understands that your vehicle needs to be seen. They use high-quality custom graphics for higher visibility, enhancing side of the road safety. Also, during upfitting graphics are much more cost-effective than a paint job. And when a vehicle is retired, the graphics are peeled off, saving the cost of another trip to the painter.IMG_3004

In addition to reflective and organizational identity graphics, the Fleet Division can wrap all or part of a vehicle. A wrap is a large vinyl graphic or decal which is applied directly over the original paint job on a vehicle. Using a wrap, a unit’s appearance is changed almost instantaneously, allowing, as example, an all-black sedan to have the appearance of a more traditional black-and-white with wrapped doors and roof.

Ghost graphics (for a change from influencing behavior to actually catching speeders) is another type of graphics available from Fleet. No magic here … simply using white reflective vinyl graphics on white patrol cars, black on black. The reflective portion of the wrap remains unseen until lit up by the guy doing 80 in a 45 mph zone …IMG_3005

2-Way’s Fleet Division is your one-stop-shop for vinyl, reflective, and ghost graphics. On the commercial side they do plow truck lettering, landscape truck lettering, construction truck lettering … you get the idea. For more information, or to get your next project started give Rick or Jim a shout (603-431-6288) or email them at FleetSolutions@2-way.biz.

CanTrol WC by Whelen Engineering


WhelenMonday’s shared video showed a cruiser using a Whelen light and siren controller that produced really eye-catching results. Here’s a 30,000 foot overview of that system.

Whelen Engineering’s CanTrol  WC  allows for integration and control of vehicle light and siren systems. With CanTrol users can create highly noticeable unified warnings by incorporating every light and siren on a cruiser into custom program configurations. Applications of CanTrol WC include:

• Vehicle integration provides added capability to lights and sirens such as:

• program and control all the lighting

• traffic arrows and siren function in you a vehicle

• flash pattern synchronization

• temperature monitor control

• radar and camera activation

• door or trunk opening


The abilities of CanTrol WC are limited only by the user’s imagination… Configuration is easy with a Windows® based computer program. A USB port allows for easy program transfer from a computer to the amplifier/control module.

Features of this system include:

• Full function amplifier/control module

• Supports one or two 100 watt speakers

• Programmable for Hands-Free operation

• 161 synchronizable, variable-phase

• programmable flash pattern

• Five-year warranty

To find out more about this Whelen Engineering product, and to discuss incorporating it into your next new vehicle build, give 2-Way’s Fleet Division a call at (603) 431-6288.


Whelen Pioneer Life


I recently posted on Facebook a video short by Whelen about a new product – the Pioneer Life LF35. Here’s take a closer look at this amazing new product.

The Pioneer LiFe™ LF35’s SlimLine™ optic is optimized for portable applications in order to control and focus light to work areas. Hard-coated lenses and solid-state electronics provide the durability you’d expect. A 3,500 usable lumens floodlight lens comes standard, and a 8° TIR spotlight lens is included.

Designed specifically for emergency responders, the light is easy to use with gloved pioneerLiFe-smhands. The impact resistant nylon housing is durable and the balanced design is easy to grab and go. The impact resistant glass reinforced nylon housing is available in Safety Yellow and the adjustable ratcheting mechanism allows for a 180° range of uninterrupted light. The LF35 meets NFPA 1901, for all possible mounting orientations and the LF35 is IP67 rated for dust and water resistance.
The battery provides consistent 3,500 lumen output, and for long jobs the Battery Saver Mode will preserve output by running at a lower intensity. A full charge provides up to 3.5 hours of runtime at full intensity and up to 7 hours of runtime in Battery Saver Mode. Battery is built into the unit with short circuit and thermal protection and will fully charge in 4-5 hours, maintaining optimal lifespan. The battery is rated for more than 2000 charging cycles
The LiFe LF35’s Intelligent Inductive Charger (IIC™) is specifically designed to work with Pioneer LiFe™ LF35 lights only. If foreign objects are placed on the charger, it will disable itself until the object is removed. There are no open contacts on the charger to compromise charging circuit and the IIC can be installed on a horizontal or vertical surface. The chargers are available in 12 VDC, 115 VAC, and 240 VAC for both U.S. and European markets.
Height: 7.59in (192.7mm)
Width: 9.17in (232.9mm)
Depth: 9.20in (233.7mm)
Weight: 7.5lbs (3.4kg)
Five year warranty

And for you WeVision addicts (and those of you who enjoy the obvious bad pun …)

Whelen’s SurfaceMax Series


I was working my way through some Whelen literature when I came across these new lights. They’re awesome!

The new SurfaceMax Series mounts on anything with four wheels and is available in Warning, Brake/Tail/Turn,and Turn Arrow models. The lights have the versatility and performance of the Hundred Series. SurfaceMax Series lights feature a full-fill optic and all-new patented mounting technology, providing a clean look with easy installation.

Additional features include:

• Meets SAE, ECE, and Title XIII specifications
• Available in Warning, Brake/Tail/Turn, Turn Arrow models
• Hard-coated lenses minimize environmental damage from sand, sun, salt, and road chemicals
• 100% solid-state electronics
• Rated IP67 for dust and water resistance
• Hi/Low power
• Patented mounting technology snaps into place and provides a clean look
• Chrome or Black flange
• Lack of metallic fasteners prevent galvanic corrosion, preventing paint defects
• Includes 6” pigtail
• Fits existing mounting footprint of Hundred Series
lightheads (backwards compatible to existing mounts)
• 12 VDC
• Five year warranty

Take a look at the Whelen SurfaceMax Series video!

Whelen’s CenCom Carbide

img_cruiserWhelen’s CenCom Carbide has been engineered to maintain situational awareness of the officer. It delivers highly effective visual and auditory warnings. Designed for simplistic, hands-free usage, Carbide provides what Whelen calls Situation Based Integration. This feature allows for scene specific functions using various vehicle components, such as the horn or brakes, allowing officer’s priorities to be configured and controlled.

Carbide provides the capability to sync all lights together, including a Traffic Advisor™ or WeCan® Inner Edge®. Carbide is easily reproduciblcontroller-1e from vehicle to vehicle, and optional expansion modules and the WeCan dual siren amplifier are available to further customize functions. The integrated Load Manager  reduces the chance of a drained battery by shutting off outputs as vehicle battery voltage declines. Also, the Integrated Auto-Off  timer Keep Carbide functioning even if the ignition is turned off. When used with the Integrated Load Manager, this provides a safe way of maintaining critical warning functions even if the keys must be removed from the ignition

Additional features include, but are not limited to:

  • Control warning lights, siren, and Traffic
  • Advisor™ functions from a single keypad
  • Fully supports all WeCan® Series products
  • Supports up to 2 of the following: front WeCan
  • Inner Edge®, rear WeCan Inner Edge, or optional
  • remote 16 output modules
  • Supports one or two 100 watt speakers
  • LED indicator lights allow for simple troubleshooting
  • of outputs and WeCan network
  • Five year warranty

Get Whelen’s CenCom Carbide pdf from the Fleet Knowledge Base.

Watch the WeVision video.