Snow Plow Amber

New Hampshire Statue RSA 266:78-h authorizes the use of amber colored warning lights … the statue doesn’t require them … but does authorize them for privately owned vehicles used for snow removal on or adjacent to ways.

So even if you don’t have to … for the sake of improved safety and the possibility of reduced liability and lower insurance, why not use them? And what amber should you use?

The majority of our customers keep it pretty simple. Whelen ION lights in the grill, and Whelen Vertex lights in the head lights and tail lights.

Whelen IONs are all compact, versatile and designed to be utilized in a multitude of applications with numerous mounting options. Model options include: the Universal ion_capriceLight; the T-Series (with Linear Super-LED technology and a sleek low profile design); the V Series Super-LED (which have been reengineered with linear optics); and the Wide Angle Series.


The Vertex Super-LED lights are either directional or omni-directional to place light vertex-tahoe-taillightanywhere it’s needed.  These lights provide 25 Scan-Lock patterns, are synchronizable to other Whelen synch products, are fully encapsulated for moisture and vibration resistance, and carry a five-year warranty.



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Watch the WeVision ION video.

Watch the WeVision Vertex video.