The Network Division is Hiring


Lyle has an opening in the Network Division for a PC & Server Technician/Consultant. It’s a great opportunity for personal and professional growth … and some fun besides (have you ever heard about the company’s annual holiday party?). I asked Lyle what he was looking for in a candidate. Here is his response:

2-Way Communications Service, Inc’s Network Division is looking for a full time PC & Server Technician/Consultant for the Southern NH and ME area. Professional attitude, appearance, and the desire to learn required. Think of a “techy” Errol Flynn with the learning capacity of Neil deGrasse Tyson.

A variety of tasks like running cable, scripting server management, configuring active directory, cleaning virus infested pc’s, upgrading server OS’s, designing wireless LAN’s, documenting network configurations, installing and configuring IP-based surveillance systems,  etc. will keep the person in this position learning and moving every day. Our technicians regularly rescue office managers in distress, defend the downtrodden, and in general save the day.  Current Microsoft Certifications desired.

You will join a small team working hard to support dozens of companies and government agencies with dozens of servers and hundreds of pc’s. Roughly half of your time will be spent in the office providing remote support over the phone and using remote management software. The other half will be spent at customer locations fixing, uploading, installing, and other similar tasks. Given the fact that much of our client base is law enforcement you will be subject to a criminal background check and squinty-eyed scrutiny every time you enter an office.  

Applicants must meet all of the requirements below plus 3 others which are secret but may be waived if we hit the golden buzzer during an interview:

  • Have excellent written and verbal skills. 
  • Have a good sense of humor. 
  • Have experience with current Windows Server operating systems. 
  • Be self-motivated with a strong desire for professional growth. 
  • Be on time; I mean really, how hard is it to leave a few minutes early in case there’s traffic? 
  • Have an appreciation of eclectic musical tastes (It’s my office. Enough said.) 
  • Understand Ethernet networking and basic routing. 
  • Be available for occasional night and weekend work.

If you are interested in applying for this position send your cover letter and resume to Thank you!